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Broken-Tailed Dog

Dec 2, 2013

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This week my guest is the lovely Corinne Fisher. Corrinne is a really honest, brash, sexy comic new on the scene. She has a podcast where she talks about guys she's had sex with it and has on some of them as well. So she def. isnt shy. Corrinne is a hustler too and we talked about her hard work ethic and her obsession...

Aug 27, 2013

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After a two week hiatus Slam Pig is back with guest Lance Weiss. Lance is a really funny NYC comic and runs a well known show here in NYC. Lance also comes from a religious background and his Father had a sex change a few years back. Enough said. #download #subscribe #listen...

Jul 4, 2013

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This week my guest is comic Eddie Brill. Eddie has been deep in the comedy community for over 30 years. He has worked with giants in the industry. He has been the warm up comic for the Late Show with David Letterman for the past 16 years and also booked the comics on that show for 13 years. Eddie tours around the...

Jun 13, 2013

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My good friend Reese Waters came to visit me while I was on a gig in Hartford , he has his own show on ESPNU called UNITE and we had a chance to talk about growing up as the nerd and never geting the girl and sports. We were like two peas in a pod.. or two peas in a Holiday Inn Express hotel room. Good times.. take a...

May 21, 2013

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Hello-Yo! Very special podcast today. We have from the Major Motion Pictures "Arthur" and "Tower Heist" and the female lead in my film "TUCK DAVIS" Christina Calph on the show! Christina and I have been friends for awhile.. she's always been so pretty, crazy, and talented. We talk about how she manages to wrangle all...