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Broken-Tailed Dog with Josh Accardo

Mar 28, 2018

This week Josh Accardo welcomes Lux- she is back! Between jars of body parts and comedy on the road, Josh and Lux take us across the ocean, where we’ve learned you can now enjoy wine, straight from an anus  Joep van Lieshout's "CasAnus" is a hotel experience exclusive to the country of Belgium). 

Josh gets wound up from his paranormal experience in his New Hampshire hotel room over the weekend, while Lux talks to us about the intense effort she puts into just the everyday life.

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Josh @JoshAccardo | Twitter & Instagram, Website

Lux Suicide | Twitter & Instagram, Website


Special thanks to Curlies, New England’s only clubs dedicated to bringing live comedy to New England 7 days a week, for having Josh, where earned his the club's first standing O.