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Broken-Tailed Dog with Josh Accardo

Jun 6, 2018

This week Josh Accardo and Lux Suicide bring on French journalist Emilie Pons. Emilie has written about numerous subjects and specializes in Jazz. She has written articles about some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world across a variety of publications.

They talk to her about the sex culture in France, as well as Josh's new favorite term "5-7" the phrase for French people to see their side-lovers... 5 to 7pm... Happy Hour!

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More about Emilie

Emilie Pons has been covering the arts for the past ten years. Her work has appeared on NPR music, in Variety magazine, Jazzman, JazzGram,, as well as She has also written for AFP and is a regular contributor to Generación 107.9, a jazz show on Radio Horizonte, in Mexico City. Pons is one of the New-York based correspondents of France USA Media, a French news agency based in Los Angeles. Pons lives in Manhattan and covers music festivals in Europe, Central America and the US. Emilie's blog, Blog Island, features short music pieces. Pons has not won the Pulitzer yet but it is a matter of weeks, she thinks. (From