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Broken-Tailed Dog with Josh Accardo

Apr 4, 2018

Josh and Lux talk about why they wouldn't fuck on an airplane (nothing about airplanes says “fuck me" to our host and cohost like the "mile high club"). 

Aging between the genders, we can agree it’s certainly differences between them. Lux, for instance, is about to be “dead” in “model years” (her words). We found out some of the latest trends including what is known as penis facials (A.K.A Georgia Louise's Hollywood EGF Facial), to German physician Barbara Sturm’sVampire facial”, and HOLY SHIT is placenta powerful! After this skin-deep conversation, Josh and Lux discuss the beauty of people who opt to age naturally—a normal amount— versus the very "alluring", $650+ facial with fresh extracts of baby Korean foreskin.  

And yes, finally we have to figure out how to pronounce that word, kegel (is it Keg-ul? is it Key-gul?) Now available underwear and a video game... that plays with taint. Before “toggling” to conclusions, have a listen. Rate and review, write the show, and follow Broken Tail Dog on Social Media!