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Broken-Tailed Dog with Josh Accardo

Jul 9, 2019

This week Josh Accardo sits down with comedian, burlesque performer, Chablis Quarterman. Chablis was on the show years ago and asked to have her episode deleted, trying to start a new life. Now she has a son, and is back to the stage. Fantastic times.

Jul 2, 2019

Our resident guest Keith Malley from Keith and the Girl is back. He hammers Josh about his drinking and then they find their way into Keith's running gag on his father that's taken a vicious turn. 

Jun 20, 2019

This week we have writer/actor and co-host of the popular monthly show Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off Jillaine Gill. Josh Accardo and Jillaine touch base on bulls, Karate Kid, and what its like to take your clothes off in front of people every month.

Jun 14, 2019

This week Josh is solo and covers van living in canada, catholics starting to accept blame, and Josh tries to fix some new stuff.

Jun 4, 2019

This week the Broken-Tailed Dog himself Josh Accardo talks with a show fav, hair stylist to the hardcore music scene Angela Kristina. Angela is notorious for being the first guest to talk about pegging and this week we cover making yourself into compost when you die.